Influence Operations

  • Influence Operations: CAIR has consistently acted in its role as a foreign agent to influence agencies and officials of the United States government.  They have had extensive relationships with law enforcement including numerous education and “sensitivity training” programs on dealing with the Muslim community.  CAIR has also publicly censured and criticized government representatives and officials who have expressed opposition to their OIC-inspired activities in the United States.  CAIR has intimidated corporations who violate OIC-approved conduct regarding Muslim employees and customers.  By means of lawsuits and threats of lawsuits, boycotts and threats of boycotts, letter-writing campaigns, and other tactics they have chilled open debate about Sharia-compliance.  CAIR has also participated in various media campaigns to influence US public opinion on behalf of foreign principals.

NOTE: This is an interim report and the political influence operations cited here are meant to be exemplary, not exhaustive.  We will continue to add influence operations to the list, and we encourage readers to send us open-source documentation of activities similar to those presented here so we may deepen the evidence in our case.