To expose CAIR as an unregistered foreign agent, the CAIR Observatory informs potential victims  and the media about CAIR’s influence operations.

The Center for Security Policy created the CAIR Observatory in March 2010 to publicly present the case against CAIR as an unregistered foreign agent and to serve as a clearing house for CAIR-related documents and information.  The following month we began applying the principles of the CAIR Observatory in real-time.  As cases of CAIR influence operations involving government officials, candidates and other prominent Americans came to light, the Center for Security Policy sent letters from our President and CEO Frank Gaffney to the parties involved, warning them of CAIR’s possible foreign agent status and that they may have been a target of an illegal influence operation.

The Center for Security Policy publishes press releases  to inform the media about CAIR’s actions as a foreign agent.

The CAIR Observatory published Special Reports when it identities patterns of influence operations.