Nonprofit Corporations Registered with FARA

The Council on American Relations is a network of related non-profit corporations, including 501c4 and 501c3 corporations, as well as the for-profit corporations Greater Washington LLC of Delaware and the Zahara Corporation.  The fact that this network of corporations includes non-profit corporations should not qualify as an exemption under the FARA statute, which only allows for an exemption under 613(e): “Any person engaging or agreeing to engage only in activities in furtherance of bona fide religious, scholastic, academic, or scientific pursuits or of the fine arts.”

Because the CAIR network of corporations are engaged in public education on political policy issues, political advocacy and lobbying activities, they do not qualify under any of those categories.  Furthermore, other non-profit corporations have set a precedent by complying with FARA registration requirements.  In a cross-search of both the FARA online database of active registrants for the years 2005-2009, and the online database of non-profit organizations, we found that the following organizations are both FARA registrants and non-profit corporations:

Business Council for International Understanding, Inc. (BCIU) (501c3)

(Guidestar Nonprofit PDF 145KB)

(05/31/06 FARA Supplemental Statement PDF 2.71MB)

Hong Kong Trade Development Council Inc (501c6)

(Guidestar Nonprofit PDF 139KB)

(02/28/08 FARA Supplemental Statement PDF 562KB)

International Relief Fund Inc. (DBA International Forum Institute in Jacksonville, FL) ( 501c3)

(Guidestar Nonprofit PDF 144KB)

(09/20/07 FARA Supplemental Statement PDF 308KB)

Korea-United States Exchange Council (501c3)

(Guidestar Nonprofit PDF 148KB)

(02/28/05 FARA Supplemental Statement PDF 9.73MB)

Korea Economic Institute of America (501c6)

(Guidestar Nonprofit PDF 146KB)

(03/28/06 FARA Supplemental Statement PDF 1.03MB)

World Zionist Organization – American Section (501c3)

(Guidestar Nonprofit PDF 146KB)

(07/30/09 FARA Supplemental Statement PDF 792KB)