Welcome to CAIR Observatory

The CAIR Observatory is a participatory open-source online research center developed to investigate the foreign funding, foreign direction and domestic political influence operations of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in the United States of America.

This site documents many questionable actions on the part of the Council on American-Islamic relations (CAIR), but the unifying concept is that CAIR is acting as a foreign agent.  The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) requires any agent of a foreign principal- including any foreign states, political parties, corporations, non-governmental organizations and individuals- to register with the U.S. government as a foreign agent.

The initial result of our ongoing investigation is “CAIR and the Foreign Agents Registration Act”, an analysis of public-source evidence dating from the foundation of the organization in 1994 through the present day.

The analysis in its current version documents that CAIR has:

  • Received at least $2,792,203 in Contributions, Income and Money from foreign principals in the form of 11 distinct transactions
  • Received a $2,106,251 mortgage loan from a foreign principal for their Washington, D.C. headquarters
  • Secured the promise of at least $54,500,000 in pledges from foreign principals

The analysis is fully referenced with links to documents that are almost exclusively hosted or mirrored within the CAIR Observatory site itself, guaranteeing their fidelity and permanence. It will continue to grow over time as new CAIR activities as an unregistered foreign agent are discovered and documented.

We have organized the documentation of CAIR’s FARA violations into 3 categories:

An American entity engaged in such activities is required to register under FARA.  Indeed thousands of American entities have registered under FARA and continued to operate legally, but CAIR has operated in this capacity since its founding in 1994 and has failed to properly identify itself to the Department of Justice and the American public.

At the CAIR Observatory you can also:

  • View our archive of CAIR Action Alerts which includes thousands of entries sent to the CAIR email list between September 6, 2001 and February 13, 2007.
  • Visit the Archives for a list of all of our diverse documents and you can literally follow all aspects of the history of CAIR as it unfolded in chronological order.
  • Have internet access, a little spare time, and an interest in investigating the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in America?  Browse our Open Topics and you can make a contribution to our research.

This is Version 1.0.  In Version 2.0 we will be adding:

  • A Legal section including historical and ongoing legal action against CAIR
  • A Legislators section chronicling the courageous efforts of U.S. politicians who have been exemplary in their efforts to expose CAIR’s activities
  • A Lawfare section including legal cases initiated by CAIR to intimidate others
  • Additional IRS tax documents for CAIR’s national office and chapters
  • An OIC Observatory resource

Our  goal is to build a model for researching and compiling evidence of illegal behavior by Muslim Brotherhood front organizations or organizations operating as foreign agents for the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and its member states in the United States. We encourage every concerned citizen to assist in the compilation and analysis of open source evidence.  We welcome visitors to contact us with links, information and suggestions to expand the scope of this website.