Nihad Awad promotes concept of “Islamophobia” on ABC News program; objects to Wafa Sultan appearance

by admin on April 20, 2010

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Date Aired: April 20, 2010


ABC News conducted an interview with CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad and featured him in a 9-minute segment of their program “Beliefs” .  Host Dan Harris described Awad as “a man who’s been on the vanguard of the fight against… a massive wave of Islamophobia that has spread across this country since 9/11.  His job is difficult and dangerous.”

Apparently CAIR had objected to the airing of an earlier episode featuring prominent ex-Muslim and Shariah-critic Wafa Sultan, as Harris noted “there was some displeasure in your organization at our interview with Wafa Sultan.”  Awad stated that “the racist remarks she made and allegations that she leveled against Muslims as a whole defies logic, defies common sense… she just reinforced stereotypes and she just spread misinformation.”

Awad said he approved of steps taken by the Obama administration but stressed that “Islamophobia” was growing and the United States was still not taking appropriate action.  He stated, “we see a new tone in the new administration, we see a hand extended to the Muslim world around the world, we see a positive speech towards Muslims, a speech and a tone of reconciliation.  But I believe the situation overall is getting worse.  Islamophobia is being tolerated in the United States.”

The 10 Year Plan of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) calls upon all states to enact laws “including deterrent punishments” to counter “Islamophobia”.  CAIR has received funding from the OIC and the two organizations have coordinated on several documented occasions.

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