Foreign Funding/Foreign Coordination/Political Influence Operation

Type: Donation

Date: 01/15/07

Amount: $325,000.00

Principal: Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)

Country: Saudi Arabia


Letter from OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu to CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad and John Esposito of Georgetown University:

“Dear Friends, I would like to extend my thanks for your letter of 11 January 2007 regarding the proposed conference to be organized at the Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. under our trilateral collaboration.  I am pleased that after some serious considerations and exchange of ideas which took a while, now we are at a point of concretize our joint desire.  This conference which will focus mainly on themes relevant to and various aspects of the phenomenon of Islamophobia, will be the first ever OIC sponsored event in the United States of America and comes at a most appropriate time when the issue is in the global agenda…

I am also pleased to inform you that the OIC General Secretariat will be contributing USD 325,000 for the organization of this conference.  The total amount will be transferred to CAIR as soon as we are informed of the details of the relevant bank account…


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