CAIR claims that Oklahoma vote is designed to create a sense of fear and Islamophobia

by associate editor on October 26, 2010

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Date: October 26, 2010


Oklahoma will be the first state to have a vote on whether Sharia Law should be used in the states’ courts. JK Alam, a CAIR board member, believes that the vote is designed to “create a sense of fear, a sense of Islama-phobia in the community, which is really not ethical.”

Alam goes on to say that State Question 755 makes no sense. He says there are already statutes in place that prevent the use of international law in Oklahoma courts. He believes the prospect of Sharia Law ever being recognized here is laughable.

“We kind of giggled about it. Bottom line is we were kind of baffled about it,” he said. “Why is it even coming up as a ballot question?”

Muneer Awad, executive director of the CAIR-Oklahoma states that “[w]e take a stand in opposition to the proposed amendment.”  He added that Shariah law taking effect in the United States is constitutionally impossible. “It’s ridiculous that anyone would suggest it would happen,” he told “Our Constitution would not allow any religious law to supersede the existing laws.”

Awad said the authors of the ballot initiative have a history of targeting the Muslim community. Legislators have proposed forbidding Muslim women from wearing head garments in driver’s license photos and recently refused to accept a Koran from a Muslim advisory council at an official state ceremony.

“It’s just ridiculous having these politicians use fear tactics, which stigmatizes the Muslim community,” he said and added that “[i]t’s unfortunate bashing the Muslim community is popular these days.”


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