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by admin on April 5, 2010

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Date Published: April 5, 2010

Author: Scott W. Johnson

The Minneapolis Star Tribune incorporates certain “community voices” via blogs featured right there on its home page. Among these “voices” is one Fedwa Wazwaz, a propagandist for Muslim causes. Ms. Wazwaz’s posts are not good. They contribute nothing of value to the Star Tribune.

In her latest post Ms. Wazwaz interviews the executive director of the Detroit chapter of CAIR regarding the shooting death of Luqman Abdullah at the hands of the FBI. Here we have one propagandist interviewing another. Anyone trying to figure out what all the shooting was about won’t find out from Wazwaz, though Daveed Gartenstein-Ross lends a hand here.

We’ve written a lot about CAIR over the years. CAIR was established by the Muslim Brotherhood as a Hamas front. It was named as an unindicted co-conspirator of Holy Land Foundation in the government’s prosecution of the HLF.

Frank Gaffney discusses CAIR’s role as a foreign agent . Gaffney has just set up the CAIR Observatory to continue documenting CAIR’s work as a foreign agent.

On her Star Tribune blog, Ms. Wazwaz describes herself as a native of Jerusalem, Palestine. This by itself provides a clue to her quality as a commenter on public affairs. This past Friday I wrote Star Tribune news editor Nancy Barnes the following message:

Nancy: I write for the Web site Power Line and want to address a question to the appropriate person at the Star Tribune. If it is not you, I would appreciate your forwarding this inquiry to that person.

Your “community voice” Fedwa Wazwaz identifies herself on your site as a native of Jerusalem, Palestine. This is mythical in two respects and turns your site into a vehicle for pure propaganda of a particularly unattractive variety. Why do you allow your site to be used in this manner?

Very truly yours,

Scott W. Johnson
[Contact information deleted]

I’ll post whatever response we receive from the Star Tribune verbatim.

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