CAIR protests “Islamophobic” training for Virginia terrorism task force

by admin on July 24, 2010

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Political Influence Operation

Date: July 24, 2010


A CAIR press release called upon FBI Norfolk and the Tidewater Joint Terrorism Task Force (TJTTF) “explain” why Robert Spencer –  whom they described as “a leader of an anti-Islam hate group” –  was invited to offer training to state and federal law enforcement officers.  “Our nation’s law enforcement personnel should not receive training from the head of a hate group that seeks to demonize Islam and to prevent American Muslims from exercising their rights as citizens,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper.

Spencer, a respected author, blogger, Islam expert and co-founder of Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA) stated in a blog post that he “gave two two-hour seminars on the belief-system of Islamic jihadists to the Tidewater Joint Terrorism Task Force.”


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On July 27th the Center for Security Policy sent a letter to FBI Agent Alex Turner concerning CAIR’s unregistered foreign agent status. The letter identified CAIR’s urging of the organization to “explain” its recent actions as a foreign influence operation.  A copy of the letter was also sent to Bureau Chief Heather Hunt of the Foreign Agents Registration Unit at the Department of Justice. A similar letter was also sent to Robert Spencer.

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