CAIR Urges Action from President Obama

by editor on July 9, 2010

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Date: July 9, 2010


CAIR’s Nihad Awad requests that the President investigate what the organization is calling the “forced exile” of American Muslims overseas.

Specifically, the National Executive Director said the following,

We ask President Obama to review this disturbing new policy that denies American Muslims their constitutional rights and due process of law.

In addition, CAIR’s National Communications Director, Ibrahim Hooper, expressed similar sentiments during an interview with PressTV,

It’s a very disturbing situation and very puzzling that President Obama’s administration would come up with this kind of–apparently unconstitutional policy.

The full video of this interview can be viewed below.

In addition, this marks the 2nd time in the past week that CAIR has posted PressTV reports on its official Youtube site.  PressTV is headquartered in Tehran, Iran and is owned by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. The news station has received much criticism over the years for being anti-Semitic and for biasedly manufacturing stories. The Guardian, a U.K. newspaper, refers to the network as “the 24 hour news channel funded by the Iranian government.”




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