CAIR to train top officials and police dept. in Philadelphia

by admin on April 3, 2010

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Date: April 3, 2010


Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter spoke at the CAIR-PA annual banquet on April 3.  He praised CAIR as “a great organization that is doing fantastic work” and stated: “I want our media to be very very sensitive” to the Muslim community.

Nutter also spoke about ways in which he and the city of Philadelphia would be working together with CAIR in the future. He mentioned that through the Mayor’s office of Faith Based Initiatives he “had the opportunity of working with any number of (sic) Islam leaders and learn more and more not only about Islam the religion but about the Muslim community.” The Mayor talked about CAIR’s collaboration with the Islamic Social Services Association of Philadelphia and of conversations the city government has had with Muslim community leaders.

According to Mayor Nutter, “We are expecting to put together a training and education program for the top officials in our city government and additionally with our Philadelphia police department. We want to make sure that everyone at the highest levels has a much better understanding of who our American Muslim community is and what they’re about… We want to make sure that in our city government people are not harboring thoughts that may come from being ill informed or lack of information and working with this organization and a number of others we want to make sure that top officials in government are paying attention to these kind of issues.”

The Mayor ended his speech by lauding CAIR’s efforts and saying he “looked forward to working with CAIR and many other organizations that support and represent the interests of American Muslims in communicating information about Islam all throughout Philadelphia.”

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