CAIR-Minnesota meets with customs/border officials; targets schools/employers

by admin on October 1, 2009

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Political Influence Operation

Date: Fall 2009


CAIR Minnesota Civil Rights Director Taneeza Islam was interviewed in the Fall 2009 “The Rights Stuff” newsletter published by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.

In the interview she details influence exerted by CAIR on local schools and employers:

Usually the students who contact us feel that the school administration is not doing what they need to do, so we contact the schools directly and try to work it out.  There are also some situations where students are asking to pray during school time. What we do is to educate the Muslim population on what their rights and obligations are, and then do the same with the schools and the employers.

She goes on to discuss CAIR interactions with national security agencies:

We’ve already had people on our board who have recently traveled, and then been asked questions that are against the first amendment. So those are the trainings that we’ve started to do more now — what are your rights at the airport and when interacting with federal agents…

We’ve had several meetings with local customs and border patrol here in Minneapolis…


(Local Backup PDF 437KB), p.23

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