Foreign Coordination/Political Influence Operations

Date: October 28-29, 2006

Description: CAIR National Board Meeting Report from CAIR National

Key Excerpts:

Page 1:

“1-Islamophobia/OIC/Gtwn/CAIR conference
OIC agreed to fund the conference with up to $300,000 to be held in Feb/March 06 [sic].

a- Budget has to be adjusted by CAIR first, share it with GTWN, then submit it to OIC.
b- Committees be formed:

  1. A steering committee: a rep. of OIC, CAIR and GTWN
  2. A program committee
  3. A logistic committee

2- Hill and Knowlton:  Business plan needs to be reviewed by CAIR before H&K prints a final one.  The UAE ambassador is will to gather all ambassadors of the Gulf Cooperating Council (GCC) to listen to a presentation, in return, hopefully they will write to their respective people to ask for support of the initiative.”


  • CAIR hosted dinner for the President Khatami, former president of Iran. The dinner was attended by approximately 400 Media dignitaries Muslims and non-Muslims.”
  • Iftar with the Pakistani Ambassador: Hosted Pakistani Ambassador for Iftar. More than 30 CAIR supporters and community leaders were present at the event.
  • CAIR Annual Congressional Iftar: Attended by 9 congressmen and women and dozens of congressional staffers. Also in attendance were military and law enforcement officials, and community leaders. 9 local and international media reported on this event. Over 130 people were in attendance.

Page 2:

“Pending Book:

  • The Islamophobia and Anti-Americanism book is in the final editing stage. Agreement to print by Amana and permission to print by contributing authors secured. This book will not read as a conference transcript. It has been drafted to read as a collection of timeless reflections on Islamophobia and anti-Americanism. It may serve as a valuable gift offered to CAIR donors.”

Page 3:

“Middle East War 2006

  • CAIR representative met with the Lebanese ambassador”

Meetings and communications with FBI and Law Enforcement Officials:

  • Meeting with FBI representative Assistant Director Joe Persichini and SAI Jim Mcjunkin to improve relations and channels of communications. We are hoping that this meeting will result in more meetings and communications with them.
  • CAIR is on the FBI AMSA (Arab Muslim Sikh Advisory) committee to discuss issues of civil rights and other concerns.
  • Joint press conference with FBI on the alleged plot to bomb airlines in UK and US.
  • Met with the Fairfax police chief to discuss issues pertaining Muslims and mutual cooperation.

Page 4:

“Support of Guantanamo Bay Suit for Muslim Chaplain.

  • We received a request from attorney G. T. Hunt who was filing a suit against the government to compel them to provide the prisoners with a Muslim Chaplain. Spoke with Chaplain Yee and he felt strongly that there is a need for one since they only have a cultural expert and non-Muslim chaplain. Arsalan filed an affidavit of support on behalf of CAIR.

Imams from South Africa and Egypt

  • 4 imams from Egypt and 1 from South Africa were not allowed to enter the country despite having valid Visas. We sent a letter to the Secretary of DHS and State Dept asking for a meeting.”


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