Foreign Funding/Foreign Coordination

Type: Pledge/Property

Date: 12/23/99

Amount: $3,500,000.00

Principal: World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)

Country: Saudi Arabia


“According to a December 23, 1999 Arab News article, Dr. Hamid Shaygi, assistant Secretary General of WAMY announced at a Riyadh press conference, with Nihad Awad in attendance, that WAMY “was extending both moral and financial support to CAIR in its effort to construct headquarters at a cost of $3.5 million in Washington, D.C.” The article continued saying WAMY would also ‘introduce CAIR to Saudi philanthropists and recommend their financial support for the headquarters project.’

Documentation:, p.21

CAIR Exposed, p.20, Ref.135: “‘WAMY spends SR12m on New Mosques,’ Arab News, December 23, 1999.”

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