Action Alerts 2201-2300

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CAIR Action Alerts

Message Numbers: 2001-2100

Date Range: 12/01/06 through 02/13/07

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CAIR-NET: Imams’ Media Conference in VA / Lawmaker to Take Oath on
Koran, Faces Flak / In U.S., Fear and Distrust of Muslims Runs Deep
2201 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Skies Will Never Be Friendly for Imams / U.S. Muslim Thanks
His Adopted Homeland / Muslim Youth Enter Political Arena
2202 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Holocaust Museum Urged to Drop Islam-Basher
2203 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: MI Lawyers Fight Terror Tag / Quran Oath Gets Wingnuts
Whirling / Texans Take Sides on Proposed Mosque
2204 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Holocaust Museum Distances Itself from Prager / MI Muslim
Cites Gym After Interrupted Prayer / NC Muslim Worker to Receive Apology
2205 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: President Asked to Rescind Prager’s Appointment / NYPD
Anti-Terror Unit Filled with Anti-Muslim Hate / VT Man Held for Stalking
Muslim Family
2206 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Imams Removed from US Airways Flight Retain CAIR as Legal
2207 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Slurs Used in Attacks on Muslims in Florida, Ohio / AJC Calls
Prager’s Remarks ‘Disrespectful’ / Houston Suburb Objects to Mosque
2208 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Dennis Prager Supporters Spew Anti-Muslim Hate / CAIR-Tampa
Director Given Human Rights Award
2209 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: D.C. Press Club Panel to Offer Arab, Muslim View of Iraq
2210 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Ed Koch Joins Call to Oust Prager from Council / Proposed NJ
Mosque Stirs Heated Debate
2211 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terror / Fliers at PA
Church Take Aim at Islam
2212 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Iraq Report Discussion to Air Live on C-SPAN2
2213 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Hajjis Reminded of Their Rights as Airline Passengers /
Profiling Hotline Established
2214 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Condemns Iranian Holocaust Denial Conference / Holocaust
Museum Founder Calls Prager ‘Poor Choice’ / CA Effigy of ‘Arab’ Stirs
2215 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FL Web Host Asked to Drop ‘Kill All Muslim Kids’ Site /
Muslim Asked to Remove Hijab on British Airways Flight
2216 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FL ‘Kill All Muslim Kids’ Hate Site Shut Down / U.S. Cannot
Afford Ignorance of Islam, World
2217 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims, Catholics in ‘Encounter of Mutual Respect’ /
Hanukkah-Hajj Event Brings Muslims, Jews Together / Ranks of West Point
Muslims Grow
2218 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Ask Elected Officials on Holocaust Council to Repudiate
2219 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FL Muslim Billboard Counters Negative Perceptions / VA
Program Aims to Dispel Fears of Muslims
2220 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Asks Wal-Mart to Drop Game Glorifying Religious Violence
2221 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: VA Rep Asked to Apologize for Anti-Muslim Remarks
2222 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: NJ Congressman Slams Rep. Goode’s Anti-Muslim Remarks / FBI
Seeks Break in OH Mosque Blast / MD Schools’ Islamic Lessons Inaccurate,
Group Says
2223 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims Question GOP Silence on VA Rep’s Islamophobic Remarks
2224 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Prager Asked to Resign / ‘JDL’ Threatens CA Peace Activist /
Rep. Honda ‘Surprised and Offended’ by Goode’s Anti-Muslim Remarks
2225 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims Revere Jesus / VA Muslims Want Apology from Goode /
Holocaust Museum Rebukes Prager / More U.S. Muslims Going on Hajj
2226 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: VA Muslims Show Solidarity with Hispanic Laborers / Bush
Urged to Act on Criticism of Muslim Rep
2227 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: VA Muslims Asked to Contact Davis, Wolf About Anti-Muslim
2228 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Uncle Sam Wants US Muslims to Serve / Feud May Cast Texas
Mosque Beside Swine / Abraham’s Devotion Inspires Muslims, Christians,
2229 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Welcomes TSA Hajj Sensitivity Training / CAIR-LA Airs
Eid Radio Spots / Do Israelis Practice Apartheid?
2230 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslim Traveler Gets Apology for Strip Search / Incitement:
‘I Advocate the Forced Removal of All Muslims’ / VA Students Will ‘Live
as Muslims’ for a Month
2231 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Sample Eid Media Advisory / Airport Officials Get Lesson in
2232 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Top 10 CAIR Highlights of 2006
2233 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: German Muslim Denied Entry to U.S., Detained in Las Vegas
2234 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: MS Museum Touts Muslim Culture in Bible Belt / TX Man Races
Pigs to Protest Mosque Plans / For Young Americans, Hajj is an Epic
2235 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CA Muslim Family Claims Profiling at Airport / NJ Muslim
Mayor / Breaking a U.S. Taboo of Criticizing Israel
2236 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: First Muslim in Congress to Use Thomas Jefferson’s Quran /
CAIR-Orlando Director Interviewed
2237 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Chapters to Spot-Check Treatment of Returning Hajj
2238 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: ‘The New Nazi Party, Also Known as Islam’ / Ellison Shakes
Hands with Goode / Fast-Food Giants Cater to Muslims
2239 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Islamophobes Mislead Senator Boxer / Editor Says CAIR’s Work
Reflects Past Civil Rights Efforts / MI Muslims Donate Meat to Homeless
2240 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: ‘If Muslims are Allowed to Infiltrate Congress’ / Deported OH
Imam Has Disappeared / FBI Probes Death Threat Against CA Muslim Leader
2241 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FL Muslim Group Offers Hot Meal, Hope / Letters Praise CAIR,
Criticize Boxer
2242 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: MI Vandalism has Sunni, Shia Working for Peace / Israel
Arrests Deported Ohio Imam / Men Cleared in FL Port Scare ‘Treated Like
2243 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims Call for Federal Probe into Vandalism / Muslim Record
Label Seeks to Make a Difference
2244 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Maryland’s First Muslim Lawmaker Takes Office / Incitement:
‘Koran is a Document of Hate, Death’ / Politicians Should Not Cower
Before Bigots
2245 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: NYPD Appoints Imam for Muslim Outreach / Gonzales: ‘Improve
Communication with Muslim Leaders’ / MN Muslim Workers Sue Bus Company /
Blogger Forces CA Station to Address Anti-Muslim Remarks
2246 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR-MI to Call for Probe Into Airline’s Treatment of Hajjis
/ Where are All the Moderate Muslims? / CAIR-KY Hosts Interfaith Dinner
Celebrating Abraham’s Legacy
2247 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: NC Lawsuit Over Quran Oaths to Continue / MI Muslims Barred
from Flight / FL Man Wins Airline Profiling Suit / Pig Races at TX
Mosque Site / Apartheid in Israel
2248 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: MI Muslim Pilgrims Offered Apology by NW Airlines
2249 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Racial Slur Used During Assault on NY Muslim / Muslims
Concerned About Fox’s ’24’ Portrayal
2250 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Michigan Imam Threatened / Islam and Religious Freedom / IBM
Worker Says He Was Fired for Being Muslim / DHS to Launch Traveler
Redress Inquiry Program
2251 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Concerned About Civil Liberties Impact of Fox’s ’24’
2252 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: IL Muslim Students Seek Prayer Space at Sports Arena / Muslim
Students Support Native-Americans / Anti-Islamic Lecture Cancelled By
Canadian Church / New Magazine for U.S. Muslim Girls
2253 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CA Anti-Muslim Hecklers Disrupt Talk on Islam / WA Islamic
Center Vandalized / Doubt Cast on Islamophobes’ Terror Claims
2254 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CA Jewish Group Urged to Invite Muslim to Balance Islamophobe
/ Muslim Cabbies Should Not Bar Guide Dogs
2255 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Mich. Mosques Asked to Boost Security After New Act of
2256 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FBI Asked to Probe Hate Graffiti on MI Mosque
2257 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Fire at NJ Mosque / NC Assault Victims Called ‘Sand N**gers,’
2258 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR, Senator Boxer Resolve Award Controversy
2259 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Controversy Follows Dennis Prager / Muslims See No Conflict
Between Islam, Democracy / President’s Portrayal of Enemy Flawed
2260 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: PA Muslims Form ‘Run for Understanding’ Team for NJ Marathon
/ Probation for Assault on MI Arab-American / Carter Says ‘Apartheid’
an Accurate Description of West Bank
2261 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: MI Religious Leaders Decry Mosque Vandalism / NC Campus Brawl
Brings FBI / Canada: Government Settles with Detained Muslim
2262 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Shots Fired at CA Mosque / FL Anti-Muslim Flier Raises Ire /
Canadian Village Acts on Anti-Muslim Stereotypes
2263 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Call Al-Arian Imprisonment ‘Double Jeopardy’
2264 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Urge Senators to Oppose Iraq Troop Escalation / Congress May
Ban Racial Profiling
2265 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Slurs Used During Assault on Florida Muslim
2266 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: MI Speech by ‘Ex-Terrorists’ Draws Ire / Canadian Town Asked
to Retract Xenophobic ‘Standards’
2267 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: MI Mosque Attacks ‘Scary’ for Muslims / CO Radio Host Can’t
Think of ‘a Good Muslim’ / US ‘Victory’ Against Iraq Cult Leader a
2268 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: NJ Imams Receive Threatening Letters / MI Panel on Terrorists
Draws Protests / Al-Arian on 11th Day of Hunger Strike in VA
2269 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: OK Officer Fired After Incident Involving Muslim Woman
2270 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: US Mayor Converts to Islam / Five Charged in Beating of NY
Muslim / NJ Mental Care Providers Learn to Understand Muslim Patients
2271 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FBI, ICE, CIS to Meet with MO Muslims / Muslim Culture Focus
of Law-Enforcement Video
2272 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Launches ‘American Muslim Legacy’ Photo Project
2273 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims, Christians, Hindus Aid FL Storm Victims / Debunking
Myths About Muslim Women
2274 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: NY Univ. Fires RAs Over ‘Insensitive’ Video / Fear of Bias
Keeps US Muslims Out of Military / Carter Accuses Wiesenthal Center of
‘Slander’ / Al-Arian Speaks Out from Prison
2275 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Rights Groups Sue Over Citizenship Delay / Politics, Not
Faith, Behind Shia-Sunni Violence / Canadians Show Least Bias Toward
2276 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: More Hispanic Americans Converting to Islam / Scholar to
Speak on ‘Islam and Violence’ / Detained  Palestinian Dad May Be Freed in
2277 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Sen. Boxer Accused of Caving in to Anti-Muslim Fury / Muslims
Face Hatred, Curiosity in U.S.
2278 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: African Muslims Add ‘Different Perspective’ in MI / Economist
Slams New Hirsi Ali Book / Radio Host Says ‘Islam Is Not the Enemy’
2279 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Congress Asked to Hear Both Sides of Mideast Conflict / NY
School to Teach Half of Classes in Arabic
2280 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR-MI Rep Discusses Malcolm X at Black History Event / TX:
Young Muslims Look to New Careers
2281 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Action – Write Letters in Support of Dr. Al-Arian / FL Prof
Collapses on 23rd day of Hunger Strike
2282 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: VA Rep Warns of ‘In Muhammad We Trust’ / FBI Probes Vandalism
of CA Muslim Website / Vitriolic E-Mails Zero in on UT ‘Muslim’
2283 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CA Teacher Accused of Anti-Muslim Statements / IA Rep Says
Terror Started with Quran / FBI Honors GA Mosque’s Chairman
2284 by: CAIR

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