Action Alerts 2101-2200

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CAIR Action Alerts

Message Numbers: 2001-2100

Date Range: 09/09/06 through 11/23/06

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CAIR-NET: Woman Who Lost 8 Relatives on 9/11 Converts to Islam / More
Muslims Arrive in U.S., After 9/11 Dip / Post-9/11 Bias Balanced with
2101 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: NY Teachers to Study Israeli PR Curriculum / IN Murder Raises
Questions in Muslim Community / U.S. Muslims Five Years After 9/11
2102 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR to Counter Al-Qaida Tape Aired on 9/11 Anniversary
2103 by: Ibrahim Hooper

CAIR-NET: Californians Asked to Repudiate Mayor’s Anti-Muslim Remarks
2104 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Repudiate Al-Qaeda Worldview / MN Muslim
Candidate Plays Defense / Police Seek Motive in Slaying of IN Muslim
2105 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FL Church Sign Angers Muslims / Plans to Honor Muslim Leader
Bring Out Animosity / Feingold Faults Term ‘Islamic Fascist’ / ‘We
Covered Entire Towns in Cluster Bombs’
2106 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Mosques Urged to Host ‘Sharing Ramadan’ Iftars
2107 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: MI Muslims Ask GOP Group to Cancel ‘Racist’ Event / IL
Muslims Condemn Candidate’s Remarks on Profiling / MN Muslim Wins Primary /
MD Teacher Charged in Islamic Greeting Incident
2108 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR to Release Report on U.S. Muslim Civil Rights
2109 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FL Muslim Med Students Face Expulsion for Refusing to Undress
/ Israeli Expert Says No Peace with Muslims, Ever
2110 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Call for Dialogue Over Pope’s Comments on Islam
2111 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Opponent Smears MN Muslim Candidate / CT Muslim Group Reports
2112 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Canadian Mosque Vandalized with Slurs, Nazi Swastikas
2113 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Defining Today’s Moderate Muslim / Schools Balance Dress
Codes, Faith / Canadian Mosque Attacked by Vandals
2114 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Anti-Muslim Bias Incidents Jump 29 Percent – Report
2115 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FL Jews, Muslims Share Their Faiths / Muslims Cite Quran to
Fight Global Warming / CAIR Rep Discusses Pope’s Comments on MSNBC
2116 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Bush Meets with Islam-Bashing Radio Host / FL Ministers
Preach Against ‘Evil’ New Mosque / CA Muslims to Meet with Cardinal
2117 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Asks Muslims to Help Repair Damaged Churches
2118 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Meet with Vatican Ambassador in DC / FBI,
Muslims Establish Better Ties / Muslims’ Treatment at FL Airport Spurs Outcry
2119 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Fla. AG Asked to Rescind Appointment of Islam-Basher
2120 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR to Host Ramadan ‘Iftar’ on Capitol Hill
2121 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FL Candidate Drops Anti-Islam Preacher / CA Muslims Condemn
‘Inflammatory’ Claims of Jewish Group / FL Med School Updates Policy to
Accommodate Muslims / CO Rep Addresses Hate Group
2122 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Gunmen Fire at Florida Mosque / South African Imam Denied
Entry to US / VT Official Sends Islamophobic E-Mails / OH Stations Say
‘Jihad’ Car Spots Go Too Far
2123 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Ohio Car Dealer Drops ‘Jihad’ Radio Ads, Offers Apology
2124 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FL Muslims Visit Church in Gesture of Reconciliation /
CAIR-MI Rep Speaks at Rosh Hashanah Service
2125 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: MI Muslims Seek Mtg Over Rep’s ‘Polarizing Language’ / Attack
on FL Mosque is Intolerable / Study Challenges Notions About Hijab
2126 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: House Members Attend CAIR Capitol Hill ‘Iftar’
2127 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR to Change Domain Names / CO Rep Stands by Muslim Staffer
/ Reward Offered in FL Mosque Shooting
2128 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Ask Post Offices to Stock Eid Stamps / VA Muslim Student
Allowed Islamic Attire in Gym Class
2129 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: More US Hispanics Drawn to Islam / WI Rep – ‘Islam is Not a
Religion of Peace’
2130 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: NY Rep Exploits Anti-Muslim Bias / Effort Aims to Push
Muslims to the Polls / CAIR Launches Online Video Library
2131 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: PA Muslims Received Threats / OH Muslims Feed the Hungry / VA
Teens Take Over Duties of Imam Denied Entry to U.S.
2132 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: MN Radio Station Thanked for ‘Muslim Jeopardy’ Skit Apology
2133 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CA Bishop Makes Good-Will Gesture to Muslims / TN Muslims
Critical of Mosque Incident Probe Delay
2134 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Quran Found in NY College Toilet / Workplace Bias Against
Muslims on Rise / FL Muslims Meet with Archbishop
2135 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: MN Muslim Workers Granted Ramadan Break / Faith Compels CA
Muslim Doctors to Help Others / Anti-Islam Slurs Mar PA Sikh Billboard
2136 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Canadian Muslims Question Entry of Franklin Graham / Rabbi
Defends NY Muslims Against Rep’s Smears / ADL Accused of Blocking Speech
by Israel Critic
2137 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims Granted Citizenship After Years of Waiting / NY Group
Helps Abused Muslim Women / Gitmo Guards Brag of Beatings
2138 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Get Involved in Politics / Islam’s Appeal Spans
Many Cultures / Prophet Mocked Again in Denmark
2139 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Register Online for CAIR’s Nov. 18 Banquet in Virginia
2140 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Jewish Groups Block Speech by Israel Critic / Religious
Leaders Support NY Mosque
2141 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Candidates Urged to Avoid Anti-Muslim Rhetoric / Aid Worker
for U.S. Muslim Charity Killed in Iraq / ‘Fearmongering’ Fueled Lodi
Terror Case
2142 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FL Preacher Alters Stance on Islam / CA Leaders to Call for
Respect in Political Debate
2143 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: PA Mosque Threatened / FL Preacher’s Effort to Work with
Muslims Falls Short
2144 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: An Urgent Appeal from CAIR
2145 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Calls for Exit Strategy From Iraq / Leaders Condemn
Attack on Muslim Candidate
2146 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslim, Catholic Scholars Meet in DC Summit / Muslim
Community Effort Gives Homeless a Hand
2147 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: 2nd Quran Desecration at NY University / CA Mayor Who Called
Muslims ‘Wing Nuts’ Attends Iftar
2148 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Demand an End to Tunisian Ban on Hijab
2149 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: NY Police Look to Mosques for New Officers / CAIR Hosts New
Pakistani Ambassador at Iftar
2150 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR to Release Poll of American Muslim Voters
2151 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Sample Eid News Release / Muslims Mobilize for November Vote
/ Poll: ‘Israel Lobby’ a Key Factor in Iraq War
2152 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Minnesotan Poised to Be Congress’ First Muslim / CA Muslim
Shot to Death / Targeting Muslims – the New Inquisition
2153 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Robertson Calls Quran ‘Fraudulent,’ Spencer Agrees / CAIR-CA
Says Murder May be Hate Crime / Muslim Cadets at West Point Get Prayer
2154 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: 2nd S. African Muslim Scholar Denied Entry to U.S.
2155 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Speaks to Muslim Scholar Barred from U.S. /
African-American, Immigrant Muslims Boost Cooperation / Feds Probe a Top Democrat’s
Relationship with AIPAC
2156 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Anti-Terror TV Ads to Air in Minnesota / Latina Muslim
Converts Share Newfound Faith
2157 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Poll: U.S. Muslim Voters Diverse, Integrated, Politically
2158 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: TX Mosque Vandalized / MI Arab Assaulted / Top Muslim Kicked
Out of U.S. / Muslim Voters Could Sway Close Contests
2159 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Flex Political Muscle / S. Africa Supports
Muslim Barred from U.S. / FBI in Expanded AIPAC Probe
2160 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Fund Established for Family of Murdered Muslim / Cheney and
‘Waterboarding’ / Church to Become Mosque
2161 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Suspicious Letter Sent to AZ Muslim Newspaper / ADL Director
Calls Muslim Dialogue a ‘Pipe Dream’ / Fears of Inquiry Dampen Giving
by U.S. Muslims
2162 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Seeks Due Process for American Facing Execution in Iraq
/ U.S. Muslims Mobilize With Eye on 2008 Elections
2163 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: American Leaders Asked to Repudiate Anti-Islam Hate
2164 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Islamic Housing Co-Ops / CAIR Rep Discusses Islamic Attire on
NPR / Rep. Jackson Lee to Speak at CAIR Dinner
2165 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Gov. Bush Slams Anti-Islam Letter / Row Over Barred Muslim
Scholars / Arab-American Candidate Leaves GOP
2166 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Federal Charges Urged in Hate Attack on NY Muslim
2167 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FL Candidate Asked to Remove Muslim-Basher / War Tears U.S.
Muslims, Jews Apart
2168 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Good News – FL Candidate Drops Islamophobe
2169 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims Might Sway U.S. Polls / U.S. Muslims Carry Burden of
Mistrust / Hospitals Opening Muslim Prayer Places
2170 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR-NY Responds to Beating of Muslim / MN Somali Vote May
Put Muslim in Congress
2171 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Get Out and Vote / For U.S. Muslims, It’s the American Way /
Forum on Hispanic Muslims / Muslim Stamp Causing Controversy
2172 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Voters Reject Islam-Bashing, Profiling of Muslims
2173 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Congratulates First Muslim Elected to Congress
2174 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Condemns Israeli ‘Massacre’ of Civilians in Gaza / Pork
Found Outside Canadian Mosque
2175 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: First Muslim in Congress to Speak at CAIR Event in VA
2176 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Explosion Destroys FL Muslim Family’s Home / FL Rep Supports
Muslim-Bashing / Muslim Veterans to Lay Memorial Day Wreath / NJ
Muslims Vote for Democrats
2177 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Attorney Says VA Prosecutor Condemned Islam / FL Rep Defends
Anti-Muslim Comments / Record Number of U.S. Muslims Turned Out at
2178 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Al Qaeda Trashes First U.S. Muslim Rep / Islam Brings Convert
Close to Irish Roots / Islam and Hunting
2179 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Co-Sponsors Karen Armstrong Talk on Capitol Hill / FL
Muslims Sponsor Thanksgiving Baskets for Needy
2180 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Reports on Election Efforts / New Muslim-Liberal
Coalition / Democrats’ Wins Hinged on Muslims
2181 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Bank to Close U.S. Muslim Charity’s Accounts / FL Rep Says
Constituents Agree with Anti-Muslim Comments
2182 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CNN Host Asks if First Muslim Rep is ‘Working With Our
Enemies?’ / Al-Arian Prosecutor Dates Reporter Who Covered Case
2183 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR-LA Calls for Probe of UCLA Taser Incident / Student
Given Multiple Stun Gun Shocks
2184 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: How Muslims View the Afterlife / Myths About Muslim Americans
/ Jihadist Punditry Targets First Muslim Rep
2185 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR-DC Banquet Sold Out / Muslim Students Upset Over Posters
at Yale / Taser-Shocked Student Claims Racial Profiling / Muslim Women
to Form Rights Council
2186 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: First Muslim Congressman Addresses CAIR Banquet
2187 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims Celebrate Thanksgiving with Halal Turkeys / 9/11
Prisoner Abuse Suit Could be Landmark
2188 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Calls for Probe Into Detention of Imams in Minnesota
2189 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR to React to MN ‘Flying While Muslim’ Incident
2190 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Hearings on Profiling Sought After Imams Removed from MN
2191 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims and Thanksgiving / Islam and Health Care / Muslims
Call Airport Detention Bias
2192 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Condemns Baghdad Attack / Praying in Public Concerns
2193 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Love for Jesus Can Bring Christians, Muslims Together / U.S.
Muslims Develop a Taste for Turkey
2194 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims Protest with Prayer / Muslim Rap Group / Islamic
Clothing Designer / Mary an Ideal Woman in Muslim Eyes
2195 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Radio Spoof Draws Support for Nazi-Like Treatment of U.S.
2196 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Anti-Muslim Slurs Shouted During Detroit Assault
2197 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Rep Meets with Officials, Muslim Leaders in France / DC
Radio Spoof Draws Support from Muslims / Canceling of Pro-Israel
Speaker Sparks Controversy
2198 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: MI Man Charged in Beating of Muslim / Imams Forced Off
Airliner Set the Record Straight / Blog Uproar Over Muslim Rep Taking Oath on
2199 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Pig Races Used to Deter Texas Mosque / Nuke Mecca and Medina?
/ More U.S. Muslims Gaining Political Ground
2200 by: CAIR

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