Action Alerts 2001-2100

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CAIR Action Alerts

Message Numbers: 2001-2100

Date Range: 06/25/06 through 09/05/06

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CAIR-NET: US Terror Suspects Not Muslim / Muslims Attend Speech by FBI
Director / Man Runs Amok at Canadian Mosque / U.S. to Decide if Muslim
Scholar Can Enter
2001 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: No Prosecution for Saudi Students in FL / The Blinkered
Belligerence of Wafa Sultan / AZ Imam Angry at Delay in Getting Green Card
2002 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Military Will Not Punish ‘Hadji Girl’ Marine / Don’t Tar
All Muslims with Brush of Terror / CAIR Capitol Hill Panel Calls for
Gitmo Closure
2003 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Says Targeting of Gaza Infrastructure a ‘War Crime’
2004 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Calls Ruling Against Gitmo Trials ‘Victory for Rule of
2005 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Condemn Kidnapping of Palestinian Officials /
Muslim Candidate Seeks MN House Seat
2006 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: VA Muslims Receive Dietary Help with New Law / Minnesotan
Hopes to be 1st Muslim Congressman
2007 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Western Union Blocks Muslim Money Transfers / IL Muslim
Family Receives Hate Letter
2008 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Pig’s Head Thrown Into ME Mosque During Prayers
2009 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslim Group Decries Desecration of ME Mosque / Western Media
Expand Into Arabic Market
2010 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Bigotry on Display in Mosque Incident / Muslim Women to
Convene / The War Over Israel’s Influence
2011 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Heeding Call to Volunteerism / Hate Crime
Suspected in OH Fire
2012 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FBI Asked to Probe Vandalism at Indiana Mosque
2013 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Jeb Bush Ally Slams Islam / IN Mosque Vandalism a ‘Systematic
Hate Crime’ / NC Muslims, Christians, Jews Protest Israel’s Policies
2014 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: More U.S. Muslims Going Into Law / MN Somalis Turn to Islam /
UN Blames Israel for Humanitarian Crisis
2015 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Video Shows Bullet-Riddled Quran Thrown at Tenn. Mosque
2016 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: NY Muslims Welcome Bill Preventing Exams on Religious
Holidays / FBI Probes Web Site Showing Shooting of Quran
2017 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Condemns Mumbai Bombings / Con Man Who Targeted Muslims
Receives Two Years / U.S. Muslim Coalition Condemns Israeli Actions
2018 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FL Pastor Won’t Apologize for Remarks on Islam / Episcopal
Chief to Protest Israeli Actions
2019 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Canadian Muslims Challenge Entry of Franklin Graham /
Anti-Muslim Bigotry from Some Pulpits
2020 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Urge Elected Officials to Condemn Israeli Attacks on
2021 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Blast at OH Arab-American Restaurant ‘Suspicious’ /
ISLAM-OPED: Moral Values Must Guide Our Mideast Policy / Vatican Condemns Israel
for Attacks on Lebanon
2022 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Asks Bush to Demand that Israel Allow Evacuation of
Americans in Lebanon
2023 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Condemn Israeli ‘Massacre’ of Lebanese Civilians
2024 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Israeli Strike Kills 8 Canadians / The Truth About the Israel
Lobby / Muslim Women in U.S. Feel Empowered
2025 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Tax Dollars Sent to Israel Buy Enemies for U.S. / Fleeing
Lebanese Speak of Indiscriminate Bombing / Latino Muslims Seek Answers
2026 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims to Ask that Bush Protect Relatives in Lebanon,
2027 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: New Threats Against OH Mosque Damaged By Bombs / Israel
Violates Law on U.S. Weapons
2028 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Bodies of 55 Lebanese Children Stacked in Truck / Lebanon
Evacuees Treated Like Black Katrina Victims / MS Demonstrators Destroy
2029 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Speak Out Against Mideast Violence / Burning of
MS Quran ‘Hateful’ / TN Mosque Incident Suspect Identified / Maine AG
Goes to Court Over Mosque Pig’s Head Incident
2030 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Seeks Reports of Americans Killed, Injured in Lebanon
2031 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: IL Man Who Threatened CAIR Sentenced / Senator’s Use of
‘Islamic Fascism’ Empowers Extremists / Judge Says MA Islamic Society
Defamation Suit Can Proceed
2032 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Calls Rushed U.S. Bomb Deliveries to Israel
2033 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Former Army Muslim Chaplain Unfairly Detained / Outcry Over
US Bombs to Israel / Plans for NY Muslim Centers Stir Concerns
2034 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Help Ease the Suffering in Lebanon and Palestine
2035 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Vigil Set for Vandalized IN Islamic Center / Controversy Over
Graffiti by Israeli Kids / Private Swim Sessions for NJ Muslim Women
2036 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Israel Targets Ambulances, Uses Cluster and Phosphorous
Munitions / VA Muslims Find Cultural Bridge in Scouting
2037 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Lebanese Ambassador Briefs CAIR on Aid Efforts
2038 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: TX Rep Calls for ‘Humanitarian Corridor’ in Lebanon / Israeli
Bombing Causes Massive Oil Spill / Investor’s Business Daily Retracts
CA Mosque Smear
2039 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Asks Bush to Protect Americans Under Attack by Israel
2040 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Pro-Israel Lobby Targets Georgia Democrat / Door Slams Hard
on Any Who Criticize Israel / U.S. Muslims Seek Understanding,
2041 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Israeli Missile Wounds NJ Teen in Lebanon / Israel to Destroy
S. Lebanon Villages / Fire Destroys VA Mosque / U.S. Muslims Lobby for
Mideast Peace, Aid
2042 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Rally for Lebanon and Palestine Aug. 12 in DC
2043 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Condemns Attack on Seattle Jewish Center
2044 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Demands End to Israeli ‘Terror’ After 57 Civilians
2045 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Pro-Israeli Driver Tries to Run Down Arab-American Protester
/ Quote: ‘I’m Willing to Kill as Many People as it Requires’
2046 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: MI Family Flees Israeli Attacks / Human Rights Watch Calls
Israeli Bombing a ‘War Crime’ / Pro-Palestinian GA Rep Faces Opponent
with Jewish Backing / CO Mosque Adapting to Diversity
2047 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Thank Sen. Hagel for Demanding Mideast Cease-Fire
2048 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CA Assailant May Have Mistaken Sikh for Muslim / ACLU, CAIR
Demand End to Citizenship Delays / Israeli Rabbis Say Enemy Has No
2049 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Michigan Muslims Wounded in Lebanon / Israeli Bond Sales in
U.S. Criticized / ‘Prince Among Slaves’ to Begin Filming
2050 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Urge U.N. to Enforce Mideast Cease-Fire
2051 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR to Release Poll on Demand for Mideast Cease-Fire
2052 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Aug. 6 White House Vigil to Protest Lebanon Invasion / HRW
Report: Israel’s Indiscriminate Attacks on Civilians
2053 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Poll: Americans Support Mideast Cease-Fire
2054 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Bush Asked to Condemn Latest Israeli Massacre / Join the
White House Vigil to Protest Lebanon Invasion
2055 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: LA Mayor Apologizes to Muslim Leaders / Life as Muslims and
Marines / Muslims Pressured to Name Names
2056 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Hate Messages Target MI Muslims / Violence Stifles
Muslim-Jewish Dialogue / GA Candidate Refers to ‘Arab Surnames’ of Donors
2057 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Ask GA Candidate to Meet with Muslims Over ‘Terrorist’
2058 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslim Charities Say Fear Dams Money Flow / US Sailor
Spied for Israel, Russia / A Guide to U.S. Experts on Islam
2059 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims to React to Alleged Airline Terror Plot
2060 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Statement on Alleged Airline Terror Plot
2061 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Concerned About Bush’s Use of ‘Islamic Fascists’
/ Outreach Helps Muslims Make Inroads / Unconditional Support for
Israel is a Liability for U.S.
2062 by: CAIR

An Urgent Appeal From CAIR
2063 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Israel Asks U.S. to Ship Rockets with Wide Blast / VA Town
Hall Mtg on Mideast Crisis / DC Panel: ‘The War in Lebanon and the War on
2064 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: S. Calif. Mosque Vandalized / Americans Favor IDs for Muslims
/ Bush Insists on ‘Islamic Fascists’
2065 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Maryland Protester Targets Faith, Home of Muslim Candidate /
‘Islamofascist’ Ignites Strong Feelings / Quran Burning Fuels Terror? /
What the Israel Lobby Wants, It Too Often Gets
2066 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CA Mosque Vandalized Twice in One Week / CAIR Calls for
Release of Fox Journalists in Gaza / US Involved in Planning Israel’s
Operations in Lebanon
2067 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: John Bolton Grants Interview to Anti-Islam Hate Site / CAIR
Welcomes Dropping of ‘Terror-Phone’ Charges / CAIR Rep Discusses
‘Islamic Fascists’ on ‘O’Reilly Factor’
2068 by: CAIR
2069 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: NY Candidate Favors Profiling Muslims / Christian Right Tries
to Muscle FL Muslims / FBI Counsels Mosques
2070 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Welcomes Ruling on NSA Wiretaps / Decision a ‘Victory
for the Constitution’
2071 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Homeland Security Chair Eyes Profiling / GOP Candidate Says
Look for Travelers with ‘Turbans’ / CA Mosque Destroyed by Fire
2072 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: ‘Israel Lobby’ Authors to Speak at DC Press Club Forum
2073 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Vandals Hit NY Mosque / Muslim MD Falsely ID’d as Terrorist,
Forced Off Flight / IL USPS Investigates Possible Sabotage of Muslim
2074 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: IL Mosque Vandalized / Hate Site Suggests Ways to ‘Punish’
Muslims / Decision on Assault by Pro-Israeli Driver Pending / Praising
Allah – In Spanish
2075 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Show Few Signs of Radicalism / Schools Compete
for Saudis / CAIR Rep on C-SPAN / ‘Jihad’ Defined / Muslim Boy Scouts
2076 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: 3rd GOP Candidate Calls for Profiling of Muslims / CAIR-NY to
Protest ‘Profiling’ at JFK Airport
2077 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslim Pilot Ordered Off Continental Flight / Arab-American
Rep Attacked for Stance on Israel / CA Gov Meets with Muslims / Lebanese
Villages ‘Carpeted’ with Cluster Bombs
2078 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: MI Muslims to Address ‘Surge’ In Profiling / IL Man Who
Bombed Muslims’ Van Returns to Jail / Amnesty Accuses Israel of War Crimes
2079 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR to Host Dinner for Former President of Iran
2080 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Hospitals Create Muslim Prayer Areas / Muslim Marriage
Contracts Help Women Assert Rights
2081 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: American Women Embrace Islam / CA Gov’s Cold Shoulder to
Muslims / Inquiry Opened Into Israeli Use of U.S. Bombs
2082 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Calls for FBI Probe of MN Mosque Arson
2083 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: C-SPAN to Air CAIR ‘Israel Lobby’ Panel Live / Muslim
Citizens Refused Entry Back Into U.S.
2084 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Correction – ‘Israel Lobby’ Panel to Air at 1 p.m. on C-SPAN
2085 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR-KY Offers Condolences to Families of Crash Victims /
‘Israel Lobby’ Panel to be Re-Broadcast by C-SPAN / CAIR’s Khatami Dinner
to Open Lines of Communication
2086 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: National Faith Leaders to Mark 9/11 with DC ‘Unity Walk’
2087 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Poll: ‘Middle Eastern’ Travelers Should be Singled Out /
Pro-Israel Lobby Warps U.S. Policy / Khatami Will Get Visa to Visit
2088 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: ‘Israel Lobby’ Panel Transcript Now Online / CAIR Board
Member Avoided Doomed Plane / Students Offered Discount for Khatami Dinner
2089 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Disabled Muslims Seek Access to Mosques / CAIR Slams Senator
for ‘Taxi’ Comments / Muslim Chaplains in Military Gaining Acceptance
2090 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Launches New Brand Identity and Logo
2091 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Criticize Israel? You’re an Anti-Semite! / 5 Years After
9/11, Fear in U.S. Muslim Communities
2092 by: CAIR
2093 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: 5 Years After 9/11: Typecasting Muslims as a Race / U.S.
Muslims Insist They’re American Too
2094 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Young U.S. Muslims Strive for Harmony / Muslims See a Growing
Internet Media Bias / MI Policy Lets Muslims Cover Up in Pools
2095 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Says Bush Speech Grants Extremists ‘Undeserved
2096 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Al-Qaeda Tape Distorts Islam / CAIR Seeks Applicants for Rosa
Parks Scholarship / Mosque ‘Pig’s Head’ Stunt Raises Broader Issues
2097 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: TX Muslims React to Dropping of Charges in Cell Phone Case /
Muslim Team Competes on CBS’s ‘Amazing Race’
2098 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Supports Award for CA Muslim Leader / Life for U.S.
Muslims Very Different After 9/11 / CAIR-CAN Seeks Apology for Jewish
Traveler Kicked Off Plane
2099 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Islam-Haters an Enemy Within / CNN Host Warns Muslims of
‘Razor Wire Fence’ / Adult Bookstore Near MN Mosque Will Remain Open
2100 by: CAIR

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