Action Alerts 1801-1900

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CAIR Action Alerts

Message Numbers: 1801-1900

Date Range: 12/25/05 through 03/12/06

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CAIR-NET: How About an Eid Sale at Macy’s? / Nuclear Search Targets
U.S. Muslims / Missionaries Seek to Convert Muslim Quake Victims
1801 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CA Muslim Woman Leads Drive to Shelter Tsunami Orphans
1802 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Files FOIA Request on Radiation Monitoring of Muslim
1803 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Return Smoothly from Canada / Lawyers Plan
Challenges over Spy Efforts
1804 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Mecca Calls Detroit Muslims / CAIR-CAN Condemns Hate Graffiti
on Edmonton Synagogue / Passaic to Stop Holding Detainees at Jail
1805 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR 2005 Year in Review
1806 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Threats Force FL Muslim Meeting to Relocate / MI Bank Forms
Subsidiary for Muslims / Eid Al-Adha Holiday Good for U.S. Market
1807 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslim Scholars Paid to Aid U.S. Propaganda / Al-Arian
Unlikely to be Set Free / Threatened Muslim Gathering Relocates
1808 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims Pray for Trapped Miners
1809 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Latinas Convert to Islam / AR Muslim Granted Right to Attend
1810 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: DC Forum on Young Muslims and the Future of Islam / Bush
Administration Misuses ‘Caliphate’
1811 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Launches Eid Voter Registration Drive
1812 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Call for Justice in Al-Arian’s Case / Battle Waged in Boston
Over New Mosque
1813 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslim Leaders Speak Out On Al-Arian / Pig Heads Found
Outside CA Sikh Temple / CAIR-LA to Air Eid Radio Spots
1814 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslim Presence Growing in Mississippi / For Muslim New
Yorkers, Final Rites That Fit / U.S. Muslims Prepare to Observe Eid
1815 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: AL Muslims Mark Hajj By Feeding Homeless / CAIR-FL Launches
Eid Voter Drive
1816 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Eid Mubarak from CAIR
1817 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: MI County to Accommodate Swimmers’ Religious Attire / NJ
Muslim Girls Basketball Team Stays True to Faith
1818 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims Meet with FBI on Radiation Monitoring
1819 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR to Spot-Check CBP Treatment of Returning Hajj Pilgrims /
Muslim Funeral to be Held at Arlington Cemetery / CT Parent Claims
Texbook Too Favorable to Islam
1820 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims Seek Role in MLK Celebration Planning / Religious
Diversity Strengthens National Unity
1821 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Offers Condolences on Deaths of Hajj Pilgrims
1822 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Still No Leads in Ohio Mosque Bombing / Posts on Hate Site
Applaud Hajj Deaths
1823 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CA Man Pleads Guilty to Anti-Muslim Hate Crime / Evangelicals
Waving the Israeli Flag
1824 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Are Bloggers Feeding Anti-Muslim Hate? / CAIR on MLK’s Path
to Justice and Equality
1825 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Joins Legal Challenge to NSA Eavesdropping
1826 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Calls for Release of U.S. Journalist in Iraq
1827 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Sends Delegation to Iraq Seeking Journalist’s Release
1828 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Teen Charged in NJ Arab Student’s Stabbing / Quran Used for
First Time in NJ Swearing-In Ceremony / CA Muslim Cabbies Claim
1829 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR to Hold News Conference in Jordan Seeking Journalist’s
1830 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslim Leaders Call for Release of Journalist in Iraq
1831 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Police Investigate Possible Bias Crime at NJ Mosque
1832 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Man Found Rappelling From IN Mosque / CAIR Urges Release of
US Journalist in Iraq
1833 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR to Hold News Conference in Baghdad Calling for
Journalist’s Release
1834 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Delegation Arrives in Iraq to Plead for Reporter’s
1835 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Video of CAIR Delegation in Iraq / Reviewer Slams Book as
‘Anti-Islamic Polemic’
1836 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Delegation Returns / TX Mosque Vandalized / VA Halal Law
Proposed / Muslims and Home Schooling
1837 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Con Artist Who Targeted Muslims Extradited to U.S.
1838 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: OH High School Accommodates Muslim Student’s Prayer
1839 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Ask Congress to Reform the Patriot Act
1840 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Welcomes Release of Female Prisoners in Iraq / AZ
Muslims to Support Doc Denied Re-Entry to U.S.
1841 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CA Muslims Seek Reprimand for Radio Host Who Mocked Hajj
1842 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslim Group Asks CA Radio Host for Apology / VA County’s
First Female Muslim Police Officer / DHS Official Tries to Reassure MI
1843 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: KFI Host Under Fire for Islamophobic Remarks / Holocaust
‘Offensive to All Humanity’ / Documents Show Army Seized Iraqi Wives as
1844 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Jail Ordered for Con Man Who Targeted Muslims / AZ Muslims
Rally Behind Banished Doctor / GA Muslims Make Beef Donation for Needy
1845 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Nazi Swastika Painted on Virginia Mosque / Clinton Warns of
Rising Anti-Islamic Feeling / CAIR Reacts to Jerry Vines’ Retirement
1846 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims Urge Bush to Avoid ‘Loaded’ Terms in Annual Address
1847 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Seeks Meeting with Danish Ambassador Over Offensive
1848 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Condolences on Death of Coretta Scott King / CA Mosque
Evacuated / WA Muslim Kicked Out of Court Over Hijab
1849 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: WA Judge Apologizes for Ejecting Muslim Woman from Court
1850 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CA Radio Station ‘Appreciates’ Support of Anti-Muslim Racist
/ NC State Senator Joins CAIR Board
1851 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Voices Concerns About Cartoons to Norwegian Ambassador
1852 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Help Defend the Image of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
1853 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Bomb Damages TN Mosque / Cartoon Controversy: What Would
Muhammad Do?
1854 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Reject Violent Response to Cartoon Controversy
1855 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims to Meet with Danish Ambassador About Cartoon
1856 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Anti-Muslim Sign Put Up at TX Mosque /  Danish Cartoon
Controversy was Avoidable
1857 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Calif. Radio Station, Host Apologize to Muslims
1858 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Condemns Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest
1859 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Canada Mosque Vandalism May be Linked to Cartoon Tensions /
CAIR Condemns Attack on Shia Procession in Pakistan
1860 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims React to Furor with Deft Diplomacy / Seattle
Muslims Support Detained Imam / Israel to Build ‘Museum of Tolerance’ on
Muslim Graves
1861 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Responds to Cartoon Flap with Educational Campaign
1862 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Vandals in Denmark Strike Muslim Graves / CAIR-PA Panel to
Explore Muslims’ Feelings for Prophet
1863 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR to Hold ‘Muhammad’ Campaign News Conferences Nationwide
1864 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Declares 2006 ‘Year of the Prophet Muhammad’
1865 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR to Host DC Forum on Cartoon Controversy
1866 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FBI Probes Attacks on MI Muslims / Coulter Criticized for Use
of ‘Raghead’ / CAIR ‘Explore the Life of Muhammad’ Update
1867 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Patient Care for Muslims a New Need / MI Imam Assaulted /
Coulter Calls Muslims ‘Camel Jockeys’
1868 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Threatening Flyer Left at CA Mosque / Action: Plan Mosque
Open Houses Feb. 24-26
1869 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Condemns Burning of Nigerian Churches / ADL Says Stop
Building Over Muslim Graves in Jerusalem / CA Muslims to Support Student
Grilled by FBI
1870 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Faiths Gather to Defy Hate / Violence Condemned at Muslim
1871 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Arab Americans See Bigotry Behind Ports Uproar / Woman Leaves
Death Threat in CA Mosque
1872 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims to Call for Unity After Attack on Iraqi Shrine
1873 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims Disturbed by Ports Security Rhetoric / Security
Programs Strain Muslim-U.S. Ties / Muslims Take Bigger Role in Terror Fight
1874 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: DC-Area Interfaith Groups Respond to Cartoon Flap with Open
1875 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CA Muslims, Sheriff Launch Anti-Terror Initiative / Calm
Urged as FL Neo-Nazis March / KindHearts Rebuts Allegations
1876 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Ohio Muslims Meet with FBI, DOJ on Charity Shutdown / Mosques
to Hold Sunni-Shia Unity Events
1877 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Many Hispanics Finding Faith in Islam / VA Weighs Laws to
Protect Halal Foods / Flight Attendant’s Hijab Invites Conversations about
1878 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CA College Republicans Asked Not to Back Cartoon Display /
History Channel to Air ‘Secrets of the Koran’
1879 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Racial Slurs Reported in Shooting of Arab-American / U.S.
Mosques Respond to Freedom House Report
1880 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslim Coalition Seeks Treasury Meeting on Charity Closures
1881 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Urge Your Senators to Oppose Compromising Civil Liberties
1882 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Islam Called ‘Evil Religion’ at GOP-Sponsored Event / FBI
Opens Probe into Shooting of Arab-American
1883 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Sen. Lautenberg Accused of Anti-Arab Racism / Con Man Pleads
Guilty to Fraud of Muslims
1884 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Turn Angry Over Iraq War’s Direction / CAIR-TX
Offers Diversity Training for Police
1885 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: ‘Sand N**ger’ Sprayed on IN Family’s Home / NY Times Profiles
U.S. Imam
1886 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Find Giving to Charity Now Harder / GI Turns to
Islam / Islam Empowers Women
1887 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: LA Muslim School, Home Vandalized / IL Man Guilty of
Intimidating Muslim Family / NY Imam Plays Matchmaker
1888 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Justice Department to Probe Attacks on LA Muslims / CAIR-CAN
Welcomes Apology for Offensive ‘Jesus’ Cartoon
1889 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Two New Polls Show Negative Image of Islam in U.S.
1890 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Growing Number of Hispanics Converting to Islam / $360K
Settlement for Harassment of Muslim Worker
1891 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Fighting Islamophobia Should be a Priority / Halal Meats Now
Easier to Find
1892 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Offers Condolences on Death of U.S. Hostage in Iraq
1893 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: The Crime of Being an American Muslim Charity / How Islamic
Inventors Changed the World
1894 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Jewish Group Promotes ‘What’s Wrong With Islam’ / Serbs
Who Served in Massacre Brigade Live in AZ
1895 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Action – Tell Congress Not to Punish the Palestinians
1896 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Leaders Asked to Repudiate Televangelist’s Anti-Islam
1897 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: NC Muslims to Repudiate Attacker’s Remarks on Islam
1898 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Franklin Graham Stands By ‘Islam is Evil’ Comment / Muslims
Suspect Profiling in Immigration Delays
1899 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Islam and Bioethics / Muslims Removed from Plane / Israel
Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy
1900 by: CAIR

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