Action Alerts 1701-1800

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CAIR Action Alerts

Message Numbers: 1701-1800

Date Range: 10/04/05 through 12/20/05

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CAIR-NET: Muslims, Jews See a Chance for Goodwill/Karen Hughes Gets an
1701 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Spreading the Koran/More Hispanic Women Converting to Islam
1702 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Islamic Women’s Groups Proliferating/Woman Assaulted, Called
‘Sand N**ger’
1703 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Ask Congress to Send Torture Ban to President
1704 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Report Confirms Muslims Were Profiled/New Law Exempts Spies
from Privacy Act
1705 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Iraq War Dead Porn Site Leads to Obscenity Arrest
1706 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Urged to Help, Pray for Quake Victims
1707 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: AZ Muslim Assaulted by Teens Shouting Religious Slur
1708 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Mosques Call for Quake Aid/Elderly Man Assaulted Outside
AZ Mosque
1709 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslim Medical Volunteers Sought for Quake Relief / MD
Police Release Sketch of Mosque Vandalism Suspect
1710 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Iftar Held on Capitol Hill/CAIR Condemns New Orleans
Beating/Growing Role of Islam in Latino Culture
1711 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Pledge $20 Million in Quake Aid
1712 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Use Hands-On Approach to Quake Aid
1713 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslim Charities Re-Emerge for Quake Victims / Muslim
Hurricane Evacuees Urged to Convert / Synagogue Welcomes Muslim Speaker
1714 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims, Mormons Will Fly Aid to Quake Victims / Muslim
Athletes Balance Spirituality with Sports
1715 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: VA Prison Agrees to Facilitate Islamic Prayers / OH Muslims
Feed the Homeless / US Muslims Play Role in Worldwide Relief Efforts
1716 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: ‘God is Not a Terrorist’ / OH Volunteers Sought to Pack Quake
Aid / NY Broker Claims Anti-Muslim Bias
1717 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CA Muslims to Feed the Homeless / OH Muslims Plan Quake
Fundraiser / Philly Police Ban Beards, Hijab
1718 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Troops Use Burned Afghan Bodies as Propaganda / CAIR
Calls for Policy, Training Review
1719 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslim Officer Files Bias Complaint / Muslim Program Upsets
Parents / Halal Food Option Grows
1720 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Anti-Islam ‘Comic Books’ Given to CA Students / IN Parent:
‘I’m not prejudiced, but…’ / Quake a Neglected Catastrophe
1721 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: After Arson, GA Mosque Rebuilds / OH Paper Responds to
Concerns About Cartoon / CA Muslim B-Ball Star Finds Peace
1722 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: MD Muslim Gets $16K for Post-9/11 Firing / CA Muslims,
Christians, Jews Share Prayer Space / Chicago’s First Muslim Funeral Home
1723 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Announces Scholarship to Honor Rosa Parks / Plan Exempts
CIA from Abuse Ban
1724 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Director Attends State Department Iftar
1725 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FL Religious Holidays Banned After Muslims Ask for Eid /
Sample Eid News Release / CA Muslim Convert Dies in Iraq
1726 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Each U.S. Mosque Urged to Raise $1,000 for Ramadan Campaign
1727 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: American Muslims May Exceed U.S. Quake Relief Pledge / NY
Muslims to Host Officials at Iftar / CAIR-CT Wins Accommodation for
Fasting Students
1728 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CA Muslims to Call for Urgent Quake Aid / Reject Legalizing
CIA Torture / MI Muslims to Hold Ramadan Food Drive
1729 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: O’Reilly Says Muslim Holiday ‘Absurd in a Judeo-Christian
Country’ / IL College Pulls Photo Exhibit After Muslim Protest / CA
Latinos Embrace Islam
1730 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Asks U.S. Muslims to Collect Quake Aid on Eid
1731 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Condemns New Delhi Bombings / Quake Aid Delayed /
Latinos Convert to Islam
1732 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Eager to Help Fight Terror / ‘Law of the Jungle’
in Quake Zone
1733 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Register Online for CAIR’s Dec. 3 Banquet in VA
1734 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: NJ Muslims ‘Profiled’ for Praying at Giants Stadium
1735 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Boston Islamic Society Expands Libel Suit / FL Religious
Holiday Ban Draws Heat / Canadian Muslim Group Urged to Let Women Vote
1736 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Launches ‘Pray for Understanding’ Campaign After NJ
‘Profiling’ Incident
1737 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Seeks Applicants for Rosa Parks Scholarship / FL Council
Race Marred by Remarks on Ethnicity / CIA Holds Suspects in Secret
1738 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FL Muslims Seek Reinstatement of Christian, Jewish School
1739 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: How Many American Muslims? / CAIR-San Antonio Director
Shatters Stereotypes / School Holiday Ban Sparks Hateful Grandstanding
1740 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Quake Victims Remembered at Eid / New Orleans Muslims
Celebrate Post-Katrina Eid / Mistake to Cancel Religious Holidays
1741 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims Torn Between Civil Liberties, Social Concerns / DHS
Urges Muslim Fliers to Register / FBI Patriot Act Plan Concerns
1742 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Urges DHS Protection for Pakistanis in U.S. Impacted by
Quake / Cheney Fights Torture Ban
1743 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Calif. Synagogue that Hosted Islamophobe Urged to Invite
Muslim Speaker
1744 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Calls for ‘Dialogue and Mutual Respect’ in France /
Muslims Outraged at DHS Official’s Comments
1745 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Calls for FBI Probe of Shooting Near PA Mosque
1746 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Condemns Jordan Bombings / NJ Muslim Councilman Attacked
in Fliers / More Profiling at Giants Stadium / TX Muslim School Prayer
Limits Alleged
1747 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: TX, VA Muslims Lose 16 Relatives in Jordan Blasts / CAIR
Offers Condolences for Filmmaker’s Daughter
1748 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Celestica Fires, Suspends More Minnesota Muslims
1749 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Offers Condolences to Jordanian Ambassador / Networks
Urged to Honor Akkad by Airing His Films
1750 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: PA Bigots Don’t Like to Vote in Mosque / NJ Muslim Becomes
Mayor / More Profiling at Giants Stadium?
1751 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Imams Help Fight Terror / FL Muslims Sponsor
Thanksgiving Baskets for Needy / NY Traffic Cops Ask Muslims About Citizenship
1752 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: DC Radio Host Who Smeared Islam Moves to Boston / Pipes Has
‘Problem’ with Voting at PA Mosque / U.S. Muslim Groups Cleared in
Senate Probe
1753 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: French Ambassador to Speak at DC Forum on Riots
1754 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: NY Muslims to Discuss Concerns with FBI / CAIR-FL Rep
Profiled – In a Good Way / Quake Relief Compassion Fatigue?
1755 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Urge Congress to Reject Patriot Act Reauthorization
1756 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: PA Muslims to Address Mosque Voting Objections / A Muslim
Response to Prager’s ‘Five Questions’
1757 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Participates in Dialogue with European Muslims
1758 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Welcomes Ruling on CA School Lesson About Islam /
Terrorism is Islam’s Enemy Too / AL Sunnis, Shias Work together
1759 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: C-SPAN2 to Air CAIR Forum on French Riots / CAIR Chairman:
Taking Back Islam / Incitement: Cal Thomas – Islam a Religion of Satan?
1760 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: French Ambassador Says ‘Religion Played No Role’ in Riots /
U.S. Muslim Scout Troops Increasing
1761 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Meadowlands Sets Aside Prayer Spaces at Stadium for Muslims
1762 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: When U.S. Bars Its Doors to Foreign Scholars / Diverse Faiths
Unite in Thanks
1763 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Catholics Share Mass With Muslims / Celestica and Muslim
Employees Unable to Reach a Compromise
1764 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: PA Mosque Helps Foster Understanding / CA Religious Community
Rallies for Quake Aid / Incitement Watch
1765 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Calls for Release of UK ‘Bomb Al-Jazeera’ Memo / Islamic
Credo Helps Ease Holiday Hunger
1766 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Registration Deadline Approaching for CAIR Dinner / Native
Deen to Perform
1767 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Rep to Appear on MSNBC / Krauthammer Says Quran
‘Inspires Barbarism’ / Profiling Will Not Make Us Safer / Torture,
1768 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Oppose Surveillance Powers in Patriot Act / CAIR-FL Rep
Appointed to Diversity Council / FBI Asked to Probe Disappearance / Daniel
Pipes Smears Muhammad Ali
1769 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Last Day to Register for CAIR Dinner in DC / CAIR Calls for
Release of All Iraq Hostages / Pipes Appreciates ‘Spirit’ of Islam-Hater
1770 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Launches Patriot Act Blog
1771 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Love for Jesus Can Bring Christians, Muslims Together /
CAIR-CAN to Fight for Religious Freedom at McGill / Zero Tolerance for
1772 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: ‘Sleeper Cell’ Awakens Fears in Muslim Viewers / CAIR-NY
Helps Train Gitmo Lawyers / Quran Sponsors Needed
1773 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: DC-Area Muslims to Call for Release of VA Man Held in Iraq
1774 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Calls for Release of Iraq Hostages / Almost 1,000 Attend
CAIR-DC Dinner / NJ Muslims Complain of DMV Hijab Removal
1775 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Director to Attend OIC Summit / A ‘Christmas’ Tree is a
Christmas Tree / CAIR-NJ Meets with FBI
1776 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Decision Expected Today in NC Quran Oath Controversy / IL
Mosque Defaced / CA Islam Test Sparks Complaint
1777 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Breaking News – No Convictions Against Al-Arian
1778 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Muslims Welcome Al-Arian Verdict / Jews, Muslims Fight for
‘Christian’ Christmas
1779 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Hajj Publicity Resource Kit
1780 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: NC Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Quran Oaths / Congress Agrees
to Reauthorize Patriot Act / House Accepts McCain Torture Ban
1781 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: VA Muslims, Quakers to Hold Vigil for Iraq Hostages / 80K
Names on Terror Watch List / IL Muslim Faced ‘Bigotry’ at Work
1782 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: UT Muslim Scouting Part of National Trend / VA Muslims,
Quakers Pray for Safety of Hostages
1783 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Hosts Yemeni Judge Who Challenged Extremists / Selling
Liquor Creates Conflict for Muslims / Mary Holds a Special Place for
1784 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Call Congress on Torture, Patriot Act, Immigration / Homeless
See Good in Islam / Muslim Family Says Break-In Was Hate Crime
1785 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FL Muslims to Offer Reward for Info on Double Homicide /
Commercializing Islam / Billboard’s Arab Images Called Racist
1786 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FBI Grills Calif. Muslim High Schooler About ‘PLO’ Doodle
1787 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FL School OKs Muslim Holiday / Israeli Consul Takes Jab at
Muslims / Steinem Swings at Hef, Hits Islam
1788 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: ACLU to Appeal NC Quran Oath Ruling / Bush Lets U.S. Spy on
Callers Without Courts / Groups Question FBI Interrogation of CA Muslim
1789 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Applauds Senate Defeat of Patriot Act Extension
1790 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Post-9/11 Travel a Challenge for U.S. Muslims / Attacks Stall
Boston Mosque Project / Petition: Free Sami Al-Arian
1791 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR-CA Rep Offers ‘Islam 101’ at Synagogue / MN Guard Troops
Train at ‘Fake Iraqi Village’ in MS / Jewish Leaders Rethinking
Alliance with Evangelicals
1792 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Issues Travel Advisory for U.S. Muslims
1793 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: FBI Asked to Help Find Missing CA Muslim Doctor / Stamps
Honor Muslim Festivals
1794 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Ohio Muslims React to Explosion at Cincinnati Mosque
1795 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Australian Muslim Scholar Denied U.S. Entry / Reward Offered
for Info on OH Mosque Bombings / Bias Complaint Filed Against FL Subway
Restaurant / Car of Missing CA Muslim Found in Estuary
1796 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: CAIR Files Freedom of Information Request on Wiretaps
1797 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: Bombed OH Mosque to Hold Prayer Vigil / FL Officer Probed in
Muslim Rights Complaint / CAIR-LA Completes Training for Police
1798 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Face Searches After Toronto Visit / Islamic
Scholar Denied Entry into U.S. / New Rules on When, Where TX Muslim
Students Can Pray / Prayer Vigil at Bombed OH Mosque
1799 by: CAIR

CAIR-NET: DC Muslims React to Secret Radiation Monitoring
1800 by: CAIR

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