Action Alerts 1401-1500

by admin on December 26, 2004

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CAIR Action Alerts

Message Numbers: 1401-1500

Date Range: 12/26/04 through 04/01/05

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CAIR-NET: Muslims Launch Quake Appeal/US Latinas Seek Answers in Islam
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CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Urged to Help Tsunami Survivors
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CAIR-NET: Muslims Meet Congressman to Protest Imam’s Detention
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CAIR-NET: American Muslims Fingerprinted by U.S. at Canadian Border
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CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Asked to Pray for Tsunami Victims
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CAIR-NET: Govt Admits Detaining Muslim Conference Attendees
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CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Pray For, Aid Tsunami Victims
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CAIR-NET: Christians, Jews Reach Out to MA Muslims/Lifetime Detention
1408 by:

CAIR-NET: IL Muslim Files Bias Suit/Prof Slams Pipes on Internment
1409 by:

CAIR-NET: CAIR Seeks Answers on Fingerprinting of Hajjis
1410 by:

CAIR-NET: AZ Court to Hear Anti-Muslim Letter Case
1411 by:

CAIR-NET: Hajj Publicity Resource Kit
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CAIR-NET: FL Mosques to Tally Funds for Tsunami Relief
1413 by:

CAIR-NET: Yee to Leave Military/Muslims Join Relief Effort
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CAIR-NET: Missionaries Exploit Tsunami Suffering/Watch ’24’ Tonight on
1415 by:

CAIR-NET: New Financing for Muslim Homebuyers/CA Police Learn About
1416 by:

CAIR-NET: CA Coalition to Hold Prayer for Muslim Rights/FL Mosques Pool
Tsunami Aid
1417 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims to Meet With Fox Over Depictions in ’24’
1418 by:

CAIR-NET: Missionaries Relocate Muslim Orphans/CAIR Meets with State
Dept. Officials
1419 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims Encouraged by Fox ’24’ Meeting
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CAIR-NET: Teacher Suspended Over Quran Remark
1421 by:

CAIR-NET: CAIR Says Exploitation of Tsunami Aid Hurts America’s Image
1422 by:

CAIR-NET: Hajj Headache for Returning U.S. Muslims?
1423 by:

CAIR-NET: Nevada Man Pleads Guilty to Threatening CAIR
1424 by:

CAIR-NET: FL Muslims Seek Recognition of Holidays
1425 by:

CAIR-NET: NJ Muslims, Christians to Show Interfaith Solidarity
1426 by:

CAIR-NET: CAIR-LA Launches Eid Radio Ads/CAIR-FL Seeks Equal Treatment
for Eids
1427 by:

CAIR-NET: Quran Mentioned in Inaugural Address/NJ Slayings Spur
Anti-Islam Bias
1428 by:

CAIR-NET: Eid and Abraham/Eids and the School Calendar/20 Years for
Al-Arian Case?
1429 by:

CAIR-NET: ‘Nightline’ Invites Muslims to Iraq Town Hall Meeting
1430 by:

CAIR-NET: NY Radio Station Sorry for Mocking Tsunami Victims
1431 by:

CAIR-NET: Latinos Convert to Islam/CAIR-Philly Kickoff/TN Islam Class
1432 by:

CAIR-NET: CA Muslims Demand Release of Iraq Hostage/ Islamophobic
Graffiti Sprayed on MO Home
1433 by:

CAIR-NET: Calif. Museum Urged to Reject Extremist Group
1434 by:

CAIR-NET: Sex, Muslims and Interrogations/EEOC Sues Firm for
Anti-Muslim Bias
1435 by:

CAIR-NET: Prof Who Defended Muslim Awarded $1.5 Million/ Secret Gitmo
1436 by:

CAIR-NET: Facts Ought to Dispel Mistrust of U.S. Muslims
1437 by:

CAIR-NET: Videos Show Gitmo Abuse/Dunkin’ Donuts Allows Hijab
1438 by:

CAIR-NET: Thank Sens. Kennedy, Feinstein for Rejecting Torture
1439 by:

CAIR-NET: CAIR ‘Islamophobia and Anti-Americanism’ Conference
1440 by:

CAIR-NET: U.S. General Says Shooting People is ‘Fun’
1441 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslim Charity Targeted/General ‘Counseled’ for Comments/REAL
ID Act
1442 by:

CAIR-NET: Whistle-Blower’s View of DHS Nominee/’Fascism’ Card and Islam
1443 by:

CAIR-NET: Banks Offer Usury-Free Mortgages/The Hellish World of Gitmo
1444 by:

CAIR-NET: KKK Protests Hijab/Fox to Air ’24’ Disclaimer Tonight
1445 by:

CAIR-NET: Outsourcing Torture/View Fox’s ’24’ Disclaimer/Shop CAIR
1446 by:

CAIR-NET: Ohio Bill Threatens Academic Freedom/Border Incident Angers
1447 by:

CAIR-NET: VT Landlords Discriminate Against Muslims/FL Mosque Sign
1448 by:

CAIR-NET: Fla. Christian Radio Station Drops Muslim Ad
1449 by:

CAIR-NET: NJ Muslims, Christians Reject Hate/Clergy Silent on Torture
1450 by:

CAIR-NET: CAIR Condemns Hariri Assassination/Iraqi-American Alleges
1451 by:

CAIR-NET: Yusuf Islam Gets Libel Damages/CAIR-GA ‘Know Your Rights’
1452 by:

CAIR-NET: Falwell’s New Dean Offends Muslims/Iraq Contractors Allege
1453 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims Respond to Freedom House Report/Bias Suit Settled for
1454 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslim Students Lose Prayer Room/’Palestinian Hanging’ Kills
1455 by:

CAIR-NET: FL Teacher Threatens Muslim Student/NE Hijab Suit Settled
1456 by:

CAIR-NET: ‘Brooklyn’s Abu Ghraib’/Guilty Plea to Battery of Muslim
1457 by:

CAIR-NET: Ahmed Abu Ali Released, to be Indicted in VA
1458 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims Decry Closure of NJ Mosque’s Bank Account
1459 by:

CAIR-NET: Ask State Dept. to Block Entry of Gujarat Massacre Figure
1460 by:

CAIR-NET: Halal Goes Mainstream in NJ/PA Mosques Tie African Muslims to
1461 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslim Leader Sues Boston TV Station for Defamation
1462 by:

CAIR-NET: Pipes Plans ‘Islamic’ Institute/Con Artist Strikes Again
1463 by:

CAIR-NET: Some Feds Think Govt Won’t Win Abu Ali Case
1464 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims and the Ten Commandments Debate/Traveling While
1465 by:

CAIR-NET: Texas Terrorist Handed 30-Year Sentence
1466 by:

CAIR-NET: State Dept. Critical of Abuses Used by U.S.
1467 by:

CAIR-NET: Gujarat Official Linked with Book Praising Hitler to Speak in
1468 by:

CAIR-NET: Ten Commandments Mirror Islamic Values/Police Seek
1469 by:

CAIR-NET: CIA Avoids Scrutiny of Detainee Treatment
1470 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims Applaud Arrests in Slaying of NJ Family
1471 by:

CAIR-NET: Gitmo Captives Allege Religious Abuse/CIA ‘Renditions’
1472 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims Wary of OH Security Bill/Fired TX Worker Wins
$150K/FL Muslims Seek Recognition of Islamic Holidays
1473 by:

CAIR-NET: FL ‘Ramadi Madness’ Video Shows U.S. Abuse
1474 by:

CAIR-NET: ‘Hardball’ Host Withdraws From Controversial FL Event
1475 by:

CAIR-NET: Halal Slaughterhouse is ‘Deeply American’/A Smarter Way to
Fight for Muslim Women
1476 by:

CAIR-NET: Dell Fires 30 Muslims Over Maghrib Prayer
1477 by:

CAIR-NET: No Sleeper Cells Found in U.S./FL Teacher Fired for Mocking
Muslim Student
1478 by:

CAIR-NET: Canadian Muslims Denounce Xenophobic Comments
1479 by:

CAIR-NET: Prison Staff Mistreated Muslims/Muslims Say Dell Forbade
1480 by:

CAIR-NET: Islamic Schools See Enrollment Surge/First U.S. Mosque
1481 by:

CAIR-NET: 21 Dell Employees Retain CAIR as Legal Counsel
1482 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims Ask AmEx to Withdraw Sponsorship of FL Event
1483 by:

CAIR-NET: Neocon Mag Promotes Anti-Muslim Hate Literature
1484 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims Reach Settlement with Dell, Spherion on Workplace
1485 by:

CAIR-NET: CAIR Applauds Denial of Visa to Narendra Modi
1486 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslim Comic on ‘Nightline’/Modi Visa Denial Follows Campaign
1487 by:

CAIR-NET: Church Drops Mission Over Muslim Servers/ Indian-Americans
Exert Clout
1488 by:

CAIR-NET: CAIR Conference to Tackle Islamophobia, Anti-Americanism
1489 by:

CAIR-NET: Ask Neocon Magazine to Repudiate Anti-Muslim Hate
1490 by:

CAIR-NET: Man Charged for Anti-Arab Taunts/Canadian Muslims May Double
by 2017
1491 by:

CAIR-NET: NJ Muslim Voters Wooed/AmEx Drops FL Event/TX Mosque
Firebombing/IL Muslim Dies in Custody
1492 by:

CAIR-NET: Bill Would Accommodate Muslim Burials/National Review Silent
on Anti-Muslim Hate
1493 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims See Employment Bias/Muslim Firefighter Fights Ban on
1494 by:

CAIR-NET: Contact Boeing About National Review’s Attack on Prophet
1495 by:

CAIR-NET: Right-Wing Groups Omitted From DHS Terror List
1496 by:

CAIR-NET: National Review Removes Books Attacking Islam
1497 by:

CAIR-NET: Latinas Embrace Islam/Muslim-Friendly Hospitals/Journalist’s
Guide to Islam
1498 by:

CAIR-NET: IN Muslim Trucker’s Hazmat Rights Restored/CT Muslims Meet
with DMV on Religious Accommodation
1499 by:

CAIR-NET: ‘After This Movie, There May Be Hate Crimes’/Police Offered
Training on Islam
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