Action Alerts 1301-1400

by admin on September 27, 2004

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CAIR Action Alerts

Message Numbers: 1301-1400

Date Range: 09/27/04 through 12/24/04

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CAIR-NET: U.S. Muslims Face Unfair Question/Can Kerry Convince Muslim
1301 by:

CAIR-NET: IL Muslims Condemn Candidate’s Comments/OH Muslims Meet
1302 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims Welcome Court Ruling Against Patriot Act
1303 by:

CAIR-NET: New Poll Measures Hostility to Islam in U.S.
1304 by:

CAIR-NET: IL Groups to Protest Candidate’s Islamophobic Remarks/TX Man
Pleads Guilty to Threatening Mosque
1305 by:

CAIR-NET: Last Day to Register for CAIR-DC Dinner
1306 by:

CAIR-NET: 350 Arrested in Federal Crackdown/Fake ‘Muslims’ Land in
1307 by:

CAIR-NET: CAIR-DC Dinner Sold Out/Muslim Teens Help Build Habitat Homes
1308 by:

CAIR-NET: Poll: 1-in-4 Americans Holds Anti-Muslim Views
1309 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslim Lawyer Sues FBI/Muslims Mobilize for Elections
1310 by:

CAIR-NET: Film About Prophet Muhammad to Open in Theaters
1311 by:

CAIR-NET: NY Muslims Growing Closer Since 9/11
1312 by:

CAIR-NET: H.R.10 Viewed as Expansion of Patriot Act/Muslims Seek Bloc
1313 by:

CAIR-NET: Feces Smeared on North Dakota Mosque, Police Protection
1314 by:

CAIR-NET: Mosques Urged to Reach Out with ‘Sharing Ramadan’ Iftars
1315 by:

CAIR-NET: Killing Condemned/CA Muslims Hold Candidate Forum
1316 by:

CAIR-NET: GOP Chief Faults Patriot Act/Muslims Could Prove Crucial in
1317 by:

CAIR-NET: WA Muslims Rally for Detainee/2,000 Attend CAIR-LA Banquet
1318 by:

CAIR-NET: CAIR Celebrates 10 Years of Progress/Police Chief to Fast for
1319 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslim Vote’s Impact Weighed/FBI Questions Muslims Before
1320 by:

CAIR-NET: CAIR Presidential Election Survey
1321 by:

CAIR-NET: OH Muslims to Feed the Needy/CAIR Condemns Gaza Killings
1322 by:

CAIR-NET: Calif. Muslims Launch Ramadan Radio Ads
1323 by:

CAIR-NET: Help CAIR Raise $1 Million During Ramadan
1324 by:

CAIR-NET: Ramadan Adds a Political Dimension/Muslim Candidate Blazes
1325 by:

CAIR-NET: Scowcroft Says Bush is ‘Mesmerized’ by Sharon
1326 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslim Vote Shifting to Kerry/Double Standard Alleged in Spy
1327 by:

CAIR-NET: U.S. Rejects Muslims’ Plea for ‘Approved’ Charities
1328 by:

CAIR-NET: Help Get Out Ohio’s Muslim Vote
1329 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslim Vote Shifts to Kerry/Muslim Girl Sues School System
1330 by:

CAIR-NET: National Muslim PAC to Announce Presidential Endorsement
1331 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslim Coalition Offers Qualified Kerry Endorsement
1332 by:

CAIR-NET: Calif. Prof Suggests Genocide Against Muslims
1333 by:

CAIR-NET: Poll – Muslim Voters Overwhelmingly Favor Kerry
1334 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims Must Fight AIDS/Mosque Attack Brings Indictment
1335 by:

CAIR-NET: San Diego Orders Removal of Ramadan Banners
1336 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims Seen Abandoning Bush
1337 by:

CAIR-NET: CAIR Offers Training for FBI, Hospital Chaplains/Bias
Complaint Filed Against Circuit City
1338 by:

CAIR-NET: Ramadan Banners Go Up Again in San Diego
1339 by:

CAIR-NET: ‘Get Out the Muslim Vote’ a Success/Bigotry at ABC/Muslim
Voter Guide
1340 by:

CAIR-NET: Florida Muslims Mobilize to Get Out the Vote
1341 by:

CAIR-NET: American Imams to Call for Release of Iraq Hostages
1342 by:

CAIR-NET: U.S. Imams Say Iraq Hostage-Takers Violate Islamic Beliefs
1343 by:

CAIR-NET: ABC Host Apologizes for Quran Remark/CA Muslim PAC Launches
1344 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims Urged to Vote in Record Numbers
1345 by:

CAIR-NET: Slurs Used During Attack on Muslim Student/Muslim Vote Shifts
1346 by:

CAIR-NET: Take CAIR’s Muslim Voter Exit Poll
1347 by:

CAIR-NET: Mosque Vandalism May be Hate Crime/Canadian Group Asked to
Repudiate Terror Comments
1348 by:

CAIR-NET: Exit Poll – 93 Percent of Muslims Voting for Kerry
1349 by:

CAIR-NET: Schools Alter Rules to Fit Religions/Mosque Fire May Have
Been Arson
1350 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims Feed the Needy in FL, OH/CAIR Congratulates President
1351 by:

CAIR-NET: Calif. Beating Victim Told ‘Go Back to Iraq’
1352 by:

CAIR-NET: Open Letter to Muslims on the Nov. 2 Elections
1353 by:

CAIR-NET: Secret Evidence in Canada/Muslim Rappers/NC Muslims Seek
1354 by:

CAIR-NET: Sample Eid News Release for Use by Local Communities
1355 by:

CAIR-NET: Moral Mission May Unify Muslims, Americans
1356 by:

CAIR-NET: Maryland County Prohibits Hearings on Muslim Holidays
1357 by:

CAIR-NET: House Members Host Ramadan Iftar on Capitol Hill
1358 by:

CAIR-NET: CAIR Offers Condolences on Death of Yasser Arafat
1359 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims Committed to Peace/Suit Filed in Beating of S. Asians
1360 by:

CAIR-NET: CAIR Says Civilians in Fallujah Must Receive Aid
1361 by:

CAIR-NET: U.S. Probes Shooting of Wounded Iraqi/FL Muslims Give to
1362 by:

CAIR-NET: Hassan Murder Condemned/800 Civilians Feared Dead in Fallujah
1363 by:

CAIR-NET: Palestinians Called ‘Filthy Animals’ on MSNBC’s ‘Imus’
1364 by:

CAIR-NET: MA Police Probe Anti-Muslim Flier/FL Muslims Feed the Needy
1365 by:

CAIR-NET: MSNBC ‘Imus’ Segment Refers to ‘Raghead Cadaver’
1366 by:

CAIR-NET: CAIR Condemns Mosque Attack/Detainee ‘Has No Fingernails
1367 by:

CAIR-NET: Tenn. Muslims Denied Right to Cemetery
1368 by:

CAIR-NET:  ‘Stinking Animals’/Headscarf Day/Muslims in Foster Care
1369 by:

CAIR-NET: MSNBC Apologizes for ‘Imus’ Remark/Suspect Says He Killed 12
1370 by:

CAIR-NET: FL Muslims to Feed the Needy/TN Muslims Abandon Cemetery Plan
1371 by:

CAIR-NET: FL Catholic, Muslim Communities to Create Awareness
1372 by:

CAIR-NET: American Muslims Get TV Network of Their Own
1373 by:

CAIR-NET: GA School Divided Over Muslim Prayer/Racist Graffiti Left at
VA Fire
1374 by:

CAIR-NET: FBI Asked to Assist Probe of VA Fire, Racist Graffiti
1375 by:

CAIR-NET: Canada Probes ‘Imus’ Slurs/Red Cross Finds Gitmo Abuse
1376 by:

CAIR-NET: VA Arson Probed as Hate Crime/CAIR-FL Trains FBI on Islam
1377 by:

CAIR-NET: FBI Asked to Make ‘Spy Files’ Public/FBI Raids AIPAC
1378 by:

CAIR-NET: Jummah Case Resolved/Pipes Drops Accusation/’No Mecca, No
1379 by:

CAIR-NET: Hip-Hop and Islam/Retina Scans for Fallujans/Muslims
Reciprocate Fast
1380 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims Help Fight Terrorism/GA Schools Accommodate Religion
1381 by:

CAIR-NET: Arizona Muslims to Call for FBI Probe of Mosque Fire
1382 by:

CAIR-NET: Ex-CIA Official Says Terror is From Quran/CAIR-NY Attends
U.N. Islamophobia Seminar
1383 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslims in U.S., Canada Ask Wiesenthal Center to Condemn
Anti-Islam Remarks
1384 by:

CAIR-NET: Two U.S. Mosques Burned in One Week/Feds Asked to Rule Out
Hate Crimes
1385 by:

CAIR-NET: Intel Bill Worries Liberties Groups/Muslims Fear Arson Hit
Mosque/FBI Steps Up AIPAC Probe
1386 by:

CAIR-NET: MA Mosque Fire Was Set/Iranian Couple Fired in WV/Arab Actors
Hope for Change
1387 by:

CAIR-NET: Shooter, Vandals Target Arizona Muslim Family
1388 by:

CAIR-NET: Reward Offered on Incidents Targeting AZ Muslims/CAIR Opens
VA Office
1389 by:

CAIR-NET: CA Town Hall Meeting to Address Targeting of Muslims
1390 by:

CAIR-NET: Judge Rules U.S. Detainee May Have Rights
1391 by:

CAIR-NET: 44% of Americans Would Curtail Muslim Civil Rights
1392 by:

CAIR-NET: A Muslim-Christian Link/Dubious Evidence in Spy Hunt
1393 by:

CAIR-NET: Treatment Sought for Detained Calif. Muslim Leader
1394 by:

CAIR-NET: Most States Allow Hijab in Driver Photos/MD Muslim Allowed
Scarf in ID Photo
1395 by:

CAIR-NET: Calif. Muslims Vent Frustrations/Prisoners Wrapped in Israeli
1396 by:

CAIR-NET: VA Muslims to Feed the Homeless/Islamophobia Spreading
1397 by:

CAIR-NET: TX School Group Questions ‘Spread of Islam in America’
1398 by:

CAIR-NET: Muslim Youth Forge Own Path in America
1399 by:

CAIR-NET: CAIR, MPAC Discuss Muslim Concerns with DHS Officials
1400 by:

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